20 famous fathers and sons

The 20 famous fathers and sons

Like father Like Son? When the father is famous, that can be the case! Many sons have followed in their father’s high-profile footsteps, and some have even become more well-known than their fathers. Here are 20 such prolific father-son duos.

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20 famous fathers and sons: Bob and Ziggy Marley, Jude and Rafferty Law, Donald and Kiefer Sutherland, Jerry and Ben Stiller, Will and Jaden Smith, Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez, Julio and Enrique Iglesias, John and Jason Ritter, James and Josh Brolin, Kurt and Wyatt Russell, Alan and Robin Thicke, Arnold and Patrick Schwarzenegger, James and Scott Caan, Damon Wayans and Damon Wayans Jr., David and Brooklyn Beckham, Kirk and Michael Douglas, Tom and Colin Hanks, Clint and Scott Eastwood, Prince Charles and Princes William and Harry 

20 famous fathers and sons

Bob and Ziggy Marley

These two are widely considered to be the kings of reggae thanks to their innovative work interpreting the music. Bob, who died at the age of 36 from skin cancer, began his career in the ’60s, and Ziggy followed in his father’s footsteps by taking the stage in the ’80s.

Jude and Rafferty Law

Many people don’t know that Jude has a son because they are rarely depicted together. The son of the actor and brooding heartthrob is currently pursuing a career as a model and artist; he is also very active on social media.

Donald and Kiefer Sutherland

This Canadian acting duo have shared everything from red carpets to the big screen (in 2016’s Western Forsaken). Kiefer is probably best known for his role in front of TV’s 24, and Donald for his role in The Hunger Games. Both have stars on Canada’s Walk of Fame.

Jerry and Ben Stiller 

If there is any pair on this list that is known for making people laugh, it would be this one. Jerry was a legendary comedian who starred in dozens of shows and is best remembered for playing Jerry Seinfeld’s father on Seinfeld. Ben, on the other hand, has directed some of the biggest comedies in history, including Zoolander, Meet the Fockers, and There’s Something About Mary.

Will and Jaden Smith 

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and his son share many things in common, including a love of social media (check out his wildly popular accounts here and here) and music. Jaden followed in his dad’s footsteps and became a rapper, while Will is now focusing on his big-screen career (he’s starred in hits like Independence Day and Six Degrees of Separation).

Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez

Each of these gentlemen has come to create a name for himself in completely different ways. Martin is probably best known for his role on Apocalypse Now and for playing the President on The West Wing, while Charlie dominated television with his sitcom Two and a Half Men. Meanwhile, Emilio was a teenage heartthrob who starred in several movies, including The Breakfast Club and The Mighty Ducks.

Julio and Enrique Iglesias 

This legendary Spanish couple is known for making hearts swoon with their romantic melodies and poppies. Julio has been singing ballads since the 1960s; he is also a former soccer player. Enrique rose to fame in the ’90s and is now widely considered the King of Latin Pop.

John and Jason Ritter 

The late John Ritter sure has a clone in his son, Jason (literally and figuratively). John had his first starring role in Three’s Company, while Jason’s breakthrough moment came when he joined the cast of TV’s Parenthood. They also look almost identical.

James and Josh Brolin 

Both James and his son Josh have had wildly successful acting careers. James was most recently seen on TV’s Life in Pieces, while Josh has been nominated for several awards for his roles in movies like Avengers and No Country For Old Men.

Kurt and Wyatt Russell 

Kurt’s film career has spanned decades and genres, from comedies like Overboard with his partner Goldie Hawn, to action movies like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Meanwhile, Wyatt spent many years playing hockey before transitioning to acting in movies like 22 Jump Street and Overlord.

Alan and Robin Thicke

America’s late father (from his time on Growing Pains) was also the real-life father of singer Robin Thicke (best known for gifting us with the song “Blurred Lines”).

Arnold and Patrick Schwarzenegger 

It would seem that acting runs in the genes of this family. While Arnold parlayed his time as Mr. Universe into a career as the king of sci-fi action movies (like Predator and Terminator), his son has used the surname to land roles in comedies like Scouts Guide to the Zombie. Apocalypse.

James and Scott Caan 

When your dad is best known for his role in one of the most epic movies of all time (The Godfather), you know you’re in for some decent acting advice. Cleverly, Scott took that advice and used it to land memorable roles on TV shows like Hawaii Five-0 and in movies like Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve and Varsity Blues. (James is also recognized for his roles in films like Misery and Elf.)

Damon Wayans and Damon Wayans Jr.

This father and son duo is made up of two formidable comedians, each of whom starred in a successful television series of their own: In Living Color and Happy Endings, respectively. While Dad Damon has had starring roles in highly rated movies like Mo’ Money, Wayans Jr. has appeared primarily on the small screen; He can next be seen in the Netflix movie Love, Guaranteed.

David and Brooklyn Beckham 

This couple is famous in part for their dominance of social media and in the other for their role in building the Beckham brand in general. Papa David began his career as a soccer player and worked his way up to becoming a model. Brooklyn, meanwhile, has been modeling and acting since he was a teenager.

Kirk and Michael Douglas 

Douglas’s name is now synonymous with Hollywood royalty thanks to the legendary careers of these two stars. Kirk, who died in 2020, is probably best known for his role as Spartacus in the movie of the same name, while his son Michael is recognizable from movies like Wall Street and Basic Instinct.

Tom and Colin Hanks 

Hollywood’s nicest actor (and one of its most decorated) may have given some great acting advice to his son, Colin. He started his career like his father did, with starring roles in sitcoms like House Bunny, Orange County and TV’s Life in Pieces.

Clint and Scott Eastwood 

Clint Eastwood is easily one of the most famous celebrities of the golden age, best known for his roles in westerns and dramas. His son, Scott, has had more success in action and comedy films, such as Gran Torino and Pacific Rim Uprising.

Prince Charles and Princes William and Harry 

Royals are among the most recognizable people on the planet, and that includes these three Britons. While Prince Charles is next in line to the throne, his children have held positions as a rescue pilot (William) and a soldier (Harry). Charles’ children are also actively involved with various charities and have recently started families of their own.

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