Best Ranked Christmas Movies List of All Time Online

Best Ranked Christmas Holiday Festive Movies of All Time Online
Christmas Christmas Movies

The Top Holiday Festive Movies of All Time

Love them or hate them, holiday festive movies are a staple of the festive season. TV programming is jam-packed with them, and now Netflix is getting in on the act. Yet it’s the classics that remain our favorites – there will always be something comforting about seeing Emma Thompson cry to receive a Joni Mitchell album (even if Love Actually’s gender politics are a bit questionable).

 Festive Songs – The Best Ranked Christmas Songs of All Time Online

From black and white classics to bombastic ’80s blockbusters, these are our 15 favorite Christmas movies of all time online.

List of  Top Ranked Christmas Festive Movies Online
1. It’s a Wonderful Life
2. Die Hard
3. Miracle on 34th Street
4. Home Alone
5. The Snowman
6. Love Actually
7. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
8. A Muppets Christmas Carol
9. The Polar Express
10. The Holiday
11. Elf
12. The Nightmare Before Christmas
13. Batman Returns
14. Gremlins
15. The Santa Clause

The Best Ranked 15 Christmas Festive Movies Official Trailer Watch Online 

The Best Ranked 15 Christmas Festive Movies Official Trailer Watch Online

15. The Santa Clause (1994)

This Festive favorite of all Americans follows a divorced father played by Tim Allen, who takes Santa’s place to deliver presents on Christmas Eve, hoping to reconnect with his family. The plot is quite strange: Allen’s character is fighting for custody of his son after a bitter separation from his wife, and the Christmas “dream” sequence sees him accidentally kill a man. We suppose the key is not to think about it too much – it’s also the pinnacle of 90s Christmas movie mischief, and Allen’s physical transformation into a resounding Saint Nick is worth seeing on its own.

Release date: 11 November 1994 (USA)
Director: John Pasquin
Sequel: The Santa Clause 2
Music by: Michael Convertino
Box office: $189.8 million
Produced by: Robert Newmyer; Brian Reilly; Jeffrey Silver

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14. Gremlins (1984)

1984’s Gremlins is our favorite Christmas horror movie, and it’s surprisingly dark. While the 1990 sequel was a more family affair, the original is a terrifying seasonal gift and a pretty violent watch to boot. The story follows a struggling inventor who gives his son a strange gift from Chinatown, a mogwai. There are some strict rules to keep the creature furry and when these are invariably broken, all hell breaks loose, including murder.

Release date: 8 June 1984 (USA)
Director: Joe Dante
Music by: Jerry Goldsmith
Box office: $212.9 million
Written by: Chris Columbus
Produced by: Michael Finnell

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13. Batman Returns (1992)

Not only is Batman Returns among the best movies in the Batman franchise, it is also a fantastic Christmas movie. Set in the run-up to December 25, it sees Michael Keaton’s Batman battling Danny DeVito’s penguin in Gotham in winter. A superb cast, which also includes Michelle Pfeiffer and Christopher Walken, Burton’s spooky direction, and a genuinely creepy villain add up to an excellent watch.

Release date: 16 June 1992 (USA)
Director: Tim Burton
Music by: Danny Elfman
Box office: $266.89 million
Story by: Daniel Waters; Sam Hamm
Cinematography: Stefan Czapsky

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12. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Everyone’s favorite gothic Christmas movie, this anti-holiday classic saw Tim Burton and director Henry Selick (James and the Giant Peach, Coraline) create a chilling world that has captivated audiences ever since. A bizarre romance, as well as some of the best original film compositions of the decade, saw it become popular upon its 1993 release, while Burton’s signature animation and weirdness help it stand the test of time even 15 years later.

Release date: 13 October 1993 (USA)
Director: Henry Selick
Budget: $24 million
Story by: Tim Burton

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11. Elf (2003)

Before Anchorman, Talladega Nights, and Step Brothers, it was the Christmas-inspired movie Elf that made Will Ferrell a household name in 2003. The actor plays the lovable Buddy, an elf-raised human who seeks his father’s love ( James Caan) after arriving in New York. It also marked the first major directing project for Jon Favreau, who would go on to direct some of the biggest box office hits of the next 15 years, including Iron Man, The Jungle Book, and the Lion King reboot.

Release date: 9 October 2003 (USA)
Director: Jon Favreau
Music by: John Debney
Box office: $223.3 million
Written by: David Berenbaum
Production companies: New Line Cinema; Guy Walks Into a Bar Productions

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10. The Holiday (2007)

Everyone needs a bit of cheese from time to time, and The Holiday has it galore. Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz star in the 2006 romantic comedy, playing two women who swap their (rather fancy) homes for the holidays, leaving everything behind and meeting someone new. Jude Law and Jack Black play their respective elegant men. Take the gin and glue it, it’s called “getting into the Christmas spirit” (or something like that).

Release date: 9 February 2007 (India)
Director: Nancy Meyers
Music by: Hans Zimmer
Box office: $205.1 million
Cinematography: Dean Cundey
Production companies: Columbia Pictures; Universal Pictures; Relativity Media; Waverly Films

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9. The Polar Express (2004)

This wonderful Robert Zemeckis film achieved its distinctive look using live-action motion capture, which was a little ahead of its time in 2004. It was much more than a technical exercise, however, as the film perfectly captured the anticipation. of a child on Christmas morning, as the young protagonist sets out on a journey to the North Pole in the middle of the night. Even better, everyone’s favorite sympathetic Hollywood man, Tom Hanks, voices six (!) Characters.

Release date: 24 December 2004 (India)
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Adapted from: The Polar Express
Box office: $314.1 million
Production companies: Castle Rock Entertainment; Shangri-La Entertainment; ImageMovers; Playtone; Golden Mean Productions;

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8. A Muppets Christmas Carol (1992)

God Bless Michael Caine in Muppets Christmas Carol – He brings seriousness to this movie even though all his co-stars are made of felt and filler. It’s a lovable take on the hackneyed Dickens story, and you’d have to be a real Scrooge to resist.

Release date: 11 December 1992 (USA)
Director: Brian Henson
Adapted from: A Christmas Carol
Box office: $27.2 million
Screenplay by: Jerry Juhl

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7. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

Jim Carrey was the perfect choice to play the Grinch in this 2000 film, with a typically physical comic performance. In addition to displaying his impeccable timing and flair for visual jokes, Carrey’s portrayal proved to be much more than a cartoon, and the viewer developed a real empathy for him after he was ridiculed by Whoville residents, whose prosthetic noses are, said incidentally, too. scarier than the Grinch could ever be. The 2018 reboot was also well received by critics, with Benedict Cumberbatch’s family film judged a real crowd pleaser, but it’s Carrey’s performance that remains the gold standard.

Release date: 8 November 2000 (USA)
Director: Ron Howard
Music by: James Horner
Adapted from: How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
Box office: $345.1 million
Narrated by: Anthony Hopkins

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6. Love Actually (2003)

Emma Thompson’s performance alone is enough to make Love Actually worth revisiting this Christmas. The sequence in which she unwraps a Christmas present from her husband (Alan Rickman) and discovers that she is chasing another woman is absolutely heartbreaking. 

It’s not all disturbing though – twists inspired by some of the biggest names in UK cinema, including the Hugh Grant peak cutting shapes around 10 Downing Street, make for a real treat. The movie also features the perfect Christmas soundtrack and more takes of Colin Firth in a high collar than you ever imagined you needed in your life.

Characters: Billy Mack, Colin Frissell, Aurelia, Natalie, MORE
Directors: Richard Curtis, Mat Whitecross
Production companies: Universal Pictures, Working Title Films, StudioCanal, DNA Films

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5. The Snowman (2017)

This beautiful adaptation of Raymond Briggs’ book ruined a million childhoods. He manages to capture the wonder of Christmas, telling the story of a boy and his friendship with a snowman, before breaking hearts into a million pieces with a worthwhile ending. The instantly recognizable score was performed by backup singer Peter Auty in the original, though Aled Jones released a version of the song three years later that made him a star at the age of 11.

Release date: 13 October 2017 (Sweden)
Director: Tomas Alfredson
Adapted from: The Snowman
Music by: Marco Beltrami
Box office: $43.1 million
Screenplay by: Hossein Amini; Peter Straughan; Søren Sveistrup

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4. Home Alone (1990)

In many ways, Home Alone is the best Christmas movie for kids. The movie has been parodied and copied hundreds of times, but the original has never been improved. Also, the fact that Joe Pesci starred in both Home Alone and Goodfellas in 1990 is pretty surprising in itself, and seeing him trying to pass a children’s movie without swearing as home-invader villain Harry Lime is reason enough to give it. a clock.

Owner: 20th Century Studios; (The Walt Disney Company)
Created by: John Hughes
Characters: Marv Murchins, Kevin McCallister, Harry Lime, MORE
Production companies: 20th Century Studios, MORE
Directors: Peter Hewitt, Rod Daniel, Raja Gosnell, Chris Columbus

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3. Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

Richard Attenborough’s miracle on 34th Street from 1994 is a rare example of a Christmas remake that does the original justice. While the 1947 film is rightly considered a holiday classic, the remake added a new sense of wonder and warmth to the classic story and brought it to a new generation of fans. It also marked the first film role for prolific child star Mara Wilson, who played the title role in Matilda a year later.

Release date: 2 May 1947 (USA)
Director: George Seaton
Story by: Valentine Davies
Music by: Cyril Mockridge
Box office: $2.7 million (US rentals)
Budget: $630,000

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2. Die Hard (1988)

Is it a Christmas movie? We say yes. Bruce Willis plays NYPD John McClane, a man forced to fight German terrorists when they seize a Los Angeles skyscraper on December 24. boys of all time in Alan Rickman’s Hans Gruber (which is just a bit more evil than Rickman’s other Christmas turn, in Love, Actually).

Original work: Nothing Lasts Forever (1979)
Characters: John McClane, Hans Gruber, Holly Gennaro McClane, MORE

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1. It’s a Wonderful Life (1947)

The Christmas Classic: It’s A Wonderful Life is among the films screened as part of the Herne Hill Free Film Festival.

They don’t come better than this: It’s a Wonderful Life is the best Christmas movie ever made. The 1946 film centers on George Bailey, a man struggling to balance his struggling finances with an unhappy family life. After traveling to a bridge with the intention of ending his life, he meets Clarence, his guardian angel, who little by little reminds George of all the joy, love and happiness of life. he. It’s comforting, even after a lot of turkey and a 3 p.m. nap.

Release date: 7 January 1947 (USA)
Director: Frank Capra
Adapted from: The Greatest Gift
Music by: Dimitri Tiomkin
Box office: $3.3 million
Production company: Liberty Films

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Online Top Ranked Christmas Holiday Festive Movies of All Time 

Online Top Ranked Christmas Holiday Festive Movies of All Time

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