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Religion and Culture have blindfolded the society in such a way that one doesn’t want to question and neither does the curiosity to question or interrogate arise. If one is impaired at the sight towards their way of living , It results into a lifestyle full of deception and dishonesty ; not only that the deception and denial towards life hampers the stability and growth of the people in society It promotes alarming rise in double standards too. 

Our story highlights the above issue in an unique and a beautiful way, that is unravels the double standards of the society, that is living a substandard life . It’s about Ram-Leela that is taking place for the first time in Khaakhar village. The story is about the dream of Raja ram and its impact on the society . Raja-Ram an enthusiast by nature had only one dream of becoming an actor since his childhood being a small village resident, he was deprived by that chance to be one and his dream couldn’t get wings to fly high till date. 

This story comes to a standstill to make people think and differentiate the gap between a real and reel life due to their blind faith and mental blocks, their fake religious beliefs were affecting their thoughts and actions against the couple . The real struggle had started now . Will the duo be able to survive these obstacles or become a victim and succumb to the blind beliefs of society, this statement arises a big debatable question … that who is the real culprit the real Ravana Raja-Ram or We “The Society”?

Ravan Leela Official Trailer –

Another urduwood art Raavan Leela Bhavai Trailer released in which they are mocking Prabhu Shri Ram.

Where is the censor board, who gave them right to mock Shri Ram and how this movie pass from censor board.#RaavanLeelaTrailer #RaavanLeela pic.twitter.com/Qc2W4yeQtb

— CA Ashutosh Soni (@CA_AshutoshSoni) September 9, 2021

Raavan Leela (2021) Full Movie Details – 

Movie – Raavan Leela
Genre – Drama
Director – Hardik Gajjar
Writers – Hardik Gajjar, (screenplay) (story), Shreyes Anil Lowlekar, (dialogue)
Release date – October 1, 2021 (India)
Country of origin – India
Production companies – Back Bencher Pictures, Hardik Gajjar Films, Pen Studios

Raavan Leela (2021) Full Movie Cast -
Ravan Leela – Picture: imdb

Raavan Leela (2021) Full Movie Cast – 

Pratik Gandhi – as Rajaram Joshi
Aindrita Ray – as Rani
Flora Saini – as Urmi
Abhimanyu Singh – as Bhawar
Ankur Vikal – as Bhurelal
Rajesh Sharma – as Bajrangi
Bhagyashree Mote – as Pyaari
Rajendra Gupta – as Panditji
Anil Rastogi – as Netaji
Shreyes Anil Lowlekar – as Baghdu
Ankur Bhatia – as Lacchu
Krishna Singh Bisht – as Gomu
Gopal Singh – as Ratan Singh
Bhamini Oza – as Kalyani
Meenal Patel – as Maniben
Om Prakash – as Raghuram Joshi
Sounil Deshmukh –
Omi Kashyap –

Frequently Asked Questions About the Movie Ravan Leela (2021)

Frequently Asked Questions About the Movie Ravan Leela (2021)

Q. What is the release date of Ravan Leela (2021)?
The release date of Ravan Leela is October 1, 2021 (India)
Q. What is the star cast of Ravan Leela (2021)?
The star cast of Ravan Leela (2021) are : Pratik Gandhi, Aindrita Ray, Flora Saini
And More
Q. Who is the director of Ravan Leela?
Ravan Leela (2021) is directed by Hardik Gajjar
Q. On which OTT platforms Ravan Leela is available?
Theatrical release – Not available on any OTT Platform right now.
Q. In which language does the movie Ravan Leela available?
This movie is available in Hindi language.
Q. In which genre the Ravan Leela movie is available in?
This movie is available in Romance, Drama genres.

Ravan Leela (2021) Full Movie Watch / Stream Online, Romance Film


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